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GameSwitch is a family owned and operated business. We opened our first business into the video game industry over a decade ago (Xcom) and specialized in hosting video game tournaments...every man for himself, 2v2, 4v4, CTF, Last Man Standing, and more. At the pinnacle of Xcom's existence, we had gamer's traveling from across the United States to enter our tournaments. That expertise led us to the business management side of video game retail for Game Crazy a subsidiary of Hollywood Video. 

After nearly 4 years of operating a 365 day per year business we decided it was time to move on to other things. However, that passion for games and that desire to help customers never left. After a long break we opened a business called Hodgepodge. It was a foray into a wide assortment of industries such as clothing, electronics, antiques, appliances, furniture, jewelry, DVD's, BluRay's, and you guessed it...video games. We saw great success with this business and fell in love with the customers in our new town of Toccoa, GA. However, we decided to close and be at home with our children until they started school. 

Which brings us to GameSwitch, the reimagining of our extensive history within the video game industry. We opened in April of 2014 and built this location from scratch to become the leading video game, collectibles, hobby, and media business in the area. Now, with an amazing customer base alongside us, it is time to expand the brand yet again.

GameSwitch is home to one of the largest selection of video games around, from Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch, dating all the way back to Atari, Colecovision, and much more. Classics such as the Nintendo, Genesis, N64, PS1, Gameboy, Super NES, and others. These classics will line our walls as well as our hearts. Giving new life to generations of games that have been forgotten while inspiring today's gamers with an unending selection of the newest, hottest titles.

GameSwitch will also be re-birthing our past...Xcom Reborn. We will begin hosting video game tournaments on a wide variety of titles with prizes including store credit, collectibles, and most importantly "cold, hard cash". Feel free to email us, or contact us on Facebook, the title of a game you'd like to see a tournament for. Once we get enough participants signed up the tournament will be scheduled. It's that simple.

We are very excited to expand our offering yet again and we remain beyond appreciative of our customers and their support. Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to do any of this. So, please join us in celebrating the continued growth of the best place to "Turn Your Game On"...GameSwitch!